Our firm's hallmark is the broad depth of our team's experience. Geomatrix strives to attract, develop and retain superior people. The expertise and skill of our employees is the driving force behind the company’s continued success. We embrace the theory that each employee is a resource who is to be continuously developed.

Geomatrix Services’ Job Order Contract Management team is designed to control and manage concurrent multi-discipline construction projects at diverse locations. As mentioned earlier we propose a project team that consists of a Project Manager; an Estimator and a Superintendent. We recognize the potential for wide swings in annual task order volume and understand the necessity of flexibility with regard to our management staffing. As we are currently handling similar Indefinite Quantity contracts in the same geographical areas we are already mobilized and are familiar with the procedures needed to conduct site visits, recruit subcontractors, and manage projects on a delivery order basis. In fact, Geomatrix is already established in the geographic areas covered by this contract.

Geomatrix services Inc. has selected individuals with outstanding contract management experience and ability to form the nucleus of our proposed JOC management team. These individuals will be directly assigned to the JOC projects as soon as the first task order is awarded to Geomatrix As the contract develops and additional task orders are awarded to Geomatrix we will expand our field supervision staff as necessary to insure adequate supervision of the construction activities.

At present we do job order contracts with following government agencies.

  • New York Board of Education, Division of School Facilities
  • New York City Department of Environmental Protection and
  • Dormitory Authority, State of New York
  • Office of General Services, State of New York
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